Hello, I'm Sarah - a mum, wife, HR Director and perfectionism-busting coach. I provide coaching, online learning and practical tools for perfectionists who want to do great (but not perfect!) work, be more productive and have more time for themselves.

- Do you feel like your perfectionism is holding you back from success in your career or business?

- Do you feel like you are trading your free time, happiness and wellbeing because you are chasing perfection in your work?

- Do you constantly feel the weight of your to-do list - never able to truly relax?

- Do you procrastinate on important work because your need to do the 'perfect' job has turned each task you need to do into something so overwhelming you can't even get started?

- Do you find it difficult to trust others to complete work for you or to help you out?

7 years ago I would have answered yes to most of those questions - I was a stressed-out workaholic, without enough time for myself or my family. And I didn't even feel like I was doing a great job either. By working on my perfectionist mindset and developing tools, templates and tactics specifically designed for perfectionists I have been able to optimise my work performance and make more time for myself.

Because I'm a busy mum, professional and business owner I've really stress-tested the approaches and tools that I will share with you. I'm aware how hectic and challenging your life is (because mine is too!) so there is no fluff in my coaching or training - I don't go on for hours, and I focus on combining mindset work with practical tools that you can implement straight away and which can easily be built into your busy life.

My 25+ years of experience as an HR leader have provided lots of opportunity to coach, train and develop others and I have post graduate qualifications in both HR and individual, group and organisation development. I am also a qualified NLP practitioner (NLP is like a user manual for your brain which helps you change your thoughts, behaviours and habits to achieve success).

My first ever job at the age of 16 was as a gymnastics coach so I've actually been coaching in one form or another all of my adult life! I've seen so many women let perfectionism hold them back unnecessarily - let's pause our perfectionism together, and press play on progress, growth and good enough!

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