Pause your Perfectionism

Coaching, online learning and practical tools so you can do great (but not perfect!) work, be more productive, and have more time for yourself.

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The perfect planner for perfectionists-in-recovery.  Undated so you can start any time you like, with enough monthly, weekly and daily pages to last for three months.

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Powerful Productivity for Perfectionists

Join my Powerful Productivity for Perfectionists programme to learn how to work with flow and fearlessness for a balanced, happy and successful life.

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Join fellow perfectionists-in-recovery for fun, inspiration and moral support.  You will be made very welcome!

Pause Perfection Blog

Client success stories

It's been amazing how a change in mindset and working methods has made life so much easier now. I only wish I had known Sarah sooner!

Sheila, Merseyside

It was great to talk through my 'sticking points' and Sarah was so helpful....I felt inspired to have a go, despite the outcome not being 'perfect'.

Laura, Essex

Coaching session with Sarah was a wonderful experience. I felt I could be completely vulnerable and open with her, it felt like talking to a friend. I came to the session with a chaos in my mind and she managed to create order and made me see perfectly clearly what my next step should be. This is exactly what I needed. She empowered me in such a beautiful way and made me see that I am perfect just the way I am. Thank you Sarah ❤

Sara, Sweden

I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Sarah. I've attended a workshop in her FB group Pause Perfection on goal setting for recovering perfectionists and off the back of it, we arranged a short goal setting session for myself. She really helped me visualise my goal and by voicing some areas of concern or rather areas where I may struggle, we concluded the session by working out an action plan with manageable stepping stones ..... Thank you so much, Sarah! 

Marina, London

Sarah is a caring and understanding coach and NLP Practitioner. She has such a lovely way about her and is inspirational and yet approachable and helpful. Sarah exudes calmness and this really embeds the techniques she uses. Sarah is able to use her skills and techniques in such a trusting way – you feel inspired and empowered. 

Katie, Merseyside

If you want to find out more about my 1:1 coaching packages email me at [email protected] so that we can set up a 15 minute discovery call.

Discovery calls and 1:1 coaching sessions are always delivered either in the evening (UK time zone) during the week or at a weekend.